About Jeff (or why you should listen to this whack-job!)

I mean, look at that goofy-ass picture! Who wouldn’t listen to that whack-job?!?

(Author’s Note: I’m willing to allow photographers to take my photo for free for use here and to use to build their portfolios… I am also happy to let doctors provide me with free medical care to help build their portfolios and skilled tradespeople to fix stuff around my house for free to help build their portfolios. Don’t worry. I’ll give you all plenty of publicity on here. That more than makes up for providing your skills free of charge, right?)

Once upon a time, there was a relationship expert named Jeff Klein whose best qualification as a relationship expert was his proud acknowledgement that he had no expertise whatsoever with respect to relationships. Frankly, he found the whole notion that some stranger could tell you how to live your life extremely presumptuous and offensive, so he set out to find a better way.

We learn best when we teach ourselves. Someone can tell you anything, but the lesson really sinks in best when you ultimately figure it out for yourself. With that in mind, he decided to write about his own experiences with relationships and the lessons he learned from them. From there, you could take his lessons and learn from them on your own or you could laugh at how completely inept he was. Either way, the stats on his website went up.

After taking a brief respite from, as he likes to call it, “this writing thing,” he realized he had more to offer the world. He wasn’t just inept at relationships, but there were an unlimited number of topics he had no clue about and he wanted to share his insight on those topics with the world, too. With that, he decided to relaunch The Metro Perspective.

Jeff could tell you about his degrees in this and his degrees in that. He could tell you about all of his non-TMP publications or his former jobs, but those are just words on a resume designed to impress people. He would rather impress you with the words he writes here each week.

So, if you like what you read, please use the social media links to share his words with the world. If you don’t, I suppose you should still share his words with the world. Again, unique site hits. Either way, take what you need from Jeff’s stories, interpret them in the way that best helps you, and become part of the dialogue by commenting on what you read (Jeff usually doesn’t respond to comments, but he reads every single one and, who knows, he always could write something back) and responding to comments (any disrespectful, hateful, or comments will be deleted, but honest attempts to engage in a dialogue will always be allowed).

Most importantly, though, please enjoy The Metro Perspective!